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Gunnar Energy Services recognizes that affordable, secure energy is paramount to global economic development.

To support energy companies in their journey towards safety and sustainability, Gunnar’s ingenuity is, once again, leading the way.

Safety is more than
a priority at Gunnar—
it is a value.

The safety of our team and those we work with directs everything we do. We work hard to ensure our team has the proper training and equipment to work safely and return to their families in the same manner.

In addition, we are continuing to develop technologies designed to help our customers safeguard an equitable energy future and achieve net zero goals. As the movement of the energy transition further strengthens, we stand supportive with our customers in navigating successfully through the new horizon.

GUNNAR develops technologies designed to help our customers

Gunnar Energy Services

Health, safety and environmental issues are at the center of our business values

Environmental Stewardship

Effecting a positive environmental impact across the planet we call home.

From cutting edge zero-carbon energy production in Bavaria to sustainable oil field remediation in Los Angeles, Gunnar Energy Services is at the forefront of the green revolution.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we are dedicated to delivering a tangible impact on the critical environmental challenges that we face.

Environmental Stewardship
Safety Through Innovation
Safety Through Innovation

Safety Through Innovation

Leveraging technology to innovate and deliver results safely

Our innovative solutions not only guarantee operational excellence with respect to time and cost-effectiveness, but also enable us to deliver positive environmental outcomes in a safe and secure manner. This is especially true in challenging locations such as densely populated urban areas. Stakeholder safety is built into everything we do.

Safety Innovations:


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Impactful Governance

Delivering on our mission through good governance

Our team upholds the highest standards of corporate governance and compliance, prioritizing transparency and accountability in decision-making. We work closely with government regulators to meet and exceed industry standards, reflecting our commitment to sustainable value creation and environmental responsibility.

Impactful Governance
Community Impact

Community Impact

Driving positive changes in our communities

Our operations not only have a positive impact on the environment, but also create new opportunities for economic growth and social development. By unlocking real estate value, we can help to revitalize neighborhoods and attract new businesses. As a result of our work in Los Angeles, local organizations have converted our cleanup sites into homeless shelters and community spaces, creating a positive legacy for generations to come. We are proud to be a responsible corporate citizen and to contribute to the well-being of the communities we serve.

Community Projects: