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No-Access Wireline Deployed Active Ranging System

DeadSet™ technology is a no-access active ranging system that is designed for plug and abandonments and relief wells applications (wellbore intercept). This technology can be used to locate a target wellbore safely and accurately in the event of a well control incident or a wellbore obstruction.

DeadSet™ works by injecting current into the formation from an electrode in the wireline assembly.

The current injected into the formation collects on the nearby target well casing, and a magnetic field is created around the target well. This field is sampled by the active ranging sensor in the open hole wireline assembly and analyzed through proprietary software to produce a distance and direction from the drilling well to the target well.

The accuracy of the DeadSet™ is such that the drilling well can be aligned with the precision required to contact, mill into and re-enter the target well. This allows for a deep cement plug to be placed with confidence on the inside of the target well casing, thereby guaranteeing a permanent and durable abandonment.

DeadSet™ Tech Sheet

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