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The world’s first active magnetic ranging while drilling system

This revolutionary new technology significantly improves the efficiency and safety of plug and abandonment, relief well and carbon capture storage projects. This no-access-while-drilling solution allows for the continuous advancement of the directional drilling assembly, coupled with an instantaneous ability to query and command the onboard magnetic ranging field generator, magnetic ranging sensor and gyroscope.

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The CTRWD™ system uses active magnetic ranging to collect relative wellbore proximity ranging data without having to extract the drilling assembly for a wireline run.

This eliminates the need for costly, time-consuming and sometimes risky open hole wireline operations and can save 50% or more on a typical plug and abandonment project.

Leveraging the underlying technological advantages of DeadSet™, the BHA can deliver high voltage electrical energy into the formation to establish a magnetic signature on the target well, which is, in turn, sampled and interpreted in the BHA.

The CTRWD™ system delivers a step change for the industry to improve their bottom line, increase operational efficiencies and deliver projects safely for all stakeholders.

CTRWD™ Case Study