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Rotating Magnet At-Bit Ranging System

Torped™ is a downhole tool that uses a rotating magnet to create a magnetic field. This magnetic field is detected by a sensor in a nearby wellbore, which allows for the precise measurement of the distance and direction between the two wellbores.

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The Torped™ system consists of two main parts:

01. Bit Sub
This is a small, lightweight sub that is attached to the drill bit. It contains a number of rare earth magnets that create a rotating magnetic field when the bit is rotating.

02. The Sensor
Deployed downhole in the target well via a mono-conductor wireline. It contains a number of sensors that detect the rotating magnetic field from the bit sub.

The ranging process takes one minute to perform. The sensor can be deployed in cased or open hole, and the system provides at-bit ranging data greater than 200ft.

Torped™ Case Study


Torped™ Tech Sheet

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